Terms and conditions

Terms of Service
The www.kfar-giladi.co.il website is Kfar Giladi Corporation’s official website, as follows ‘the hotel’.
Sleeping reservations can be attained by means of this website or through telephone number 04-6900052.
By reserving lodging arrangement/s via this website, the client declares he or she has read these set of regulations and agrees to all its instructions and conditions, and that he or she and/or any parties on his or her behalf will not have any claims and/or requirements and/or demands directly and/or indirectly against the website and/or the hotel and/or parties on behalf of the website and/or hotel.
Clients booking sleeping reservations through this website are required to enter personal information, including ID number or passport number and credit card number.
Filling in false personal details will cause taking legal measures against details submitters, including filing a lawsuit for any damages that may be caused to the website and/or the hotel and/or any party on behalf of the website and/or the hotel.
Credit card details filled on the website are for the purpose of a deposit for the total of 300 NIS per room.
Charging the deposit will be done by the hotel via telephone up to a month prior to arrival date. A receipt for the billing will be sent via postal services to the address details provided in the reservation form. The rest of the payment will be carried out in the hotel at arrival or departure.
After finishing the reservation process, the client will receive an automatic e-mail notification, confirming reservation execution, including reservation number. The client must print confirmation information and bring it to the hotel, and present it to the reception at arrival.
Rights Reservation
All rights on this website are exclusive to the hotel. The logo of “Kfar Giladi Hotel” and all trademarks displayed on the website belong to the hotel. It is forbidden to copy, duplicate, distribute, sell or change the information appearing on the website without a preliminary permission written by the hotel, excluding instances of information download for personal and non-commercial uses.
Conditions and Restrictions
A.   The prices on the website are in New Israeli Shekels including VAT and intended for Israeli citizens only. Guests who are foreign countries citizens (who do not own in addition an Israeli citizenship) can order reservations through the website in United States Dollars, according to the prices published on the website in English. Payment will be made at the hotel in foreign currency or NIS in accordance with current exchange rate exact to the day of payment, consistent with Bank of Israel Publications.
B.    The hotel is entitled at any given time to change the terms of reservations acceptation and lodging prices.
C.   The number of vacancies is limited and reserving lodging services is based on availability.
D.   The client’s stay in the hotel will begin on arrival date at the hotel at 15.00 and end at 11.00 on departure day. On Saturdays rooms are available starting 18.30. Arrival and/or departure before/after the times stated above are subject to preliminary permission by the hotel management and may involve further fees.
E.    Infant – an individual under 2 years of age. Child – an individual between ages 2-12.
F.    Reserving accommodation services in the hotel is possible only for adults over the age of 18. Accommodating children and adolescents under the age of 18 is allowed with adult supervision by someone who is over 21 years old only.
G.   The pictures on the website are solely for illustration purposes and do not obligate the hotel.
H.   The hotel is not responsible for a mistake made by the client while entering reservation details, including a mistaken date, age and/or number of guests, number of room, the number of nights reserved and any other service ordered via the website.
I.     Pets are not allowed in hotel rooms and premises.
Reservation Cancellation
Reservation cancellation must be submitted in writing, by fax, hotel website, registered mail service or handed personally in hotel offices. The date of cancellation will be considered the date on which the document arrives at the hotel offices. A client who makes reservations via the website will be entitled to cancel the reservation according to consumer protections laws of 1981, within 14 days of original purchase, provided that the cancellation will be submitted at least 2 days before services are due. If the client cancels his or her reservations as aforesaid, his or her deposit will be returned.
Canceling a reservation not within the lawful 14 days will obligate the guest to the following policy:
1.    If the guest cancels reservation 7 days (holidays and summer months and July-August, 14 days) prior to the date of arrival reservation will not be charged.
2.    If the guest cancels 7-3 days (holidays and summer months and July-August, between 7-14 days) prior to arrival date, he or she will be charged a cancellation fee of 100 NIS or 5% of reservation value, the lower between the two.
3.    If the guest cancels 0-2 days (holidays and summer months and July-August, 7-14 days) prior to arrival date, reservations will be charged 50% cancellation fees.
Liability Restrictions
The hotel and/or parties on its behalf and/or anyone of its owners are not responsible for damage that may occur as a result of failure or delay during the use of the website, including during attempts to submit a reservation.
In addition, the above mentioned will not be responsible for the server through which the website functions being virus-clean or any other factors that are capable of damaging the client's computer while using the website.
The hotel and/or parties on its behalf and/or anyone of its owners are not responsible for information on behalf of a third-side-party represented in the website, including advertisements.
Judgment and Jurisdiction
Israeli laws will apply to this code of regulations, and all that is related and tied to it.
Exclusive jurisdiction on any matter and/or dispute on any of the website services, and all that is related to this agreement will be under the authorized courthouse in Tel-Aviv.